We at Barnfind Detailing strive for perfection. We understand that cars are our pride and joy and as such we like to treat them by enhancing their appearance and protecting them from the worst the weather can throw at us. with ten years of experience our team have a wide range of knowledge of all car detailing products and are always bringing new inventive ideas to the table   

We at Barnfind Detailing offer a wide range of detailing services to cater for your specific requirements - our list isn't exhaustive so if what you require isn't listed feel free to give us a call.

Listed packages can be customized, for example, you've just taken delivery of a brand new car and don't wish to have a correction, but want your car protecting. We could customize a package where we fully decontaminated your car, applied a ceramic coating to the paintwork offering 5 years of protection, then apply different ceramic coatings to the glass and wheels to fully protect the outside of your car.

Joe Murden, Barnfind Detailing

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