A Paint correction detail is a popular choice for customers who are looking for perfection.

The machine polishing includes a heavy/medium cutting stage prior to multiple enhancement stages. The cutting stages are designed to remove marring and the majority of swirl marks. The enhancement stages will add further gloss and improve the clarity of the paintwork even further.

Paint correction detail process:

  • Citrus pre-rinse on lower half of the car - this will soften stubborn dirt without the need for contact

  • Snow foam to soften dirt all over the car, including wheels and inside the wheel arches. While snow foam is dwelling a small detailing brush is used to agitate areas such as badges, inside window trim and grills

  • After rinsing, the 3 bucket method is used for cleaning the car - separate buckets for wash, rinse and wheels

    • Wheels are sprayed with fallout remover, rinsed, sprayed with wheel cleaner, agitated with a variety of wheel brushes and rinsed again

    • Wheel arches are sprayed with all purpose cleaner and agitated with brushes then rinsed

    • Tyre are sprayed with degreaser, agitated with a Tyre brush then rinsed

    • Door shuts are sprayed with all purpose cleaner, wiped down then rinsed

    • The body of the car and windows are washed from top to bottom (to reduce the risk of marring) using high quality microfiber wash mitts in buckets containing grit guards

  • The car is dried using a warm air blower and a combination of quality microfiber drying towels

  • The car is then moved inside the unit where the bodywork and glass are clayed using a clay bar and clay lube to minimize the possibility of clay marring

  • Paint thickness measurements are taken around the car - this helps us understand the condition of the paintwork, including panels that have been resprayed and areas where the clear coat is particularly thin

  • A multi-stage machine polish is completed on the bodywork to enhance the clarity and gloss levels of the paintwork

  • Paintwork is wiped down with panel wipe to remove any remaining polish residue

  • The chosen wax/polish/sealant/ceramic coating is applied and buffed off after curing - a 30% carnauba wax is applied as standard on every detail but there is a variety of upgrades available. These can be found in the 'Ceramic & Wax Coatings' section.

  • All glass is polished

  • Tyre are treated with a high quality Tyre gel

  • Plastics are treated with a hydrophobic plastic sealant

Time to complete: 5 days


Small car from £1050

Medium car from £1150

Large car from £1250

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